View Full Version : Memory Leak Problem

06-09-2008, 01:17 PM
Hi everybody!

Im working on a project in which a multi-heirarchy tree is generated dynamically receiving input from server through iframes. iframes have been used as buffers to avoid page refresh everytime a node is clicked and its children nodes are to be displayed. The entire code for this runs over in 6000 lines, so it's not possible to paste here. The problem is on successive contracting and expanding the tree nodes, a lot of memory is leaked. Though there are destroy methods which take care of deletion of any data when it's not needed.

I doubt that among others it could be due to iframes which have been used to receive data from server and feed client side tree. It's the Remote Scripting. I have already done a lot of R&D on memory leaks in DOM objects.
Please any suggesstions.