View Full Version : Amazon style drop - issues with Firefox 1.0.3

06-14-2005, 02:15 PM
Hi there,

I have set the drop to appear just once per session. The drop works just fine with IE, but when I browse the site with Firefox I have the following issue.

When the webpage involved is in a subdirectory, the drop shows up the first time I browse to such a page. Thus if I visit 10 pages in ten different sub directories, the drop shows up 10 times using firefox, I'd like to see it only once, just like in IE. Once I have browsed the sub directory page, it works fine for the rest of the session for that subdirectory..

I have the script running on www.rajacademy.com, and my scenario can be tested by clicking on the menu on the left.

Amazon drop script is available at:
Thanks in advance