View Full Version : CSS help require ... sort of urgent

06-13-2005, 03:42 PM

Iím desperately looking for some help. Iíve done all my best but been not able to assemble the following features in one html file using CSS!

a) I want to have a background image stretched to fit the browser window (width:100%;height100%) that Iím able to do Ö. But
b) At the same time want to show random images on refresh (all stretched to fit) Ė have a java script for this but canít integrate it with the top CSS feature
c) To make things further complicated, I want to set the transparency of the contents div (on top of background image div) to 50% Ö Iím able to do this but it also make the text transparent!!! Iíve checked a tutorial (http://www.domedia.org/oveklykken/css-transparency.php) to overcome this situation but the problem is if I play around with the div position (absolution/relative) I canít place the contents div on top (and centrally aligned) on the background layer!!!
Here is the structure

Bg image div stretched to fit the browser window
Contents div centrally aligned on top of the bg image div but transparent
Text/table div for all the copy

I hope it makes sense what am saying and would really appreciate if any one could help me :(