View Full Version : Jim's DHTML Menu v5.7 and Opera 8.0

06-13-2005, 01:14 PM
Script:Jim's DHTML Menu v5.7

My problem looks like this:My menu is looking ok in explorer and mozzila, but not also in opera(letters are not in boxes!?)I am sending a picture of my problem.I hope it can work like this, this is my first participation in a forum...
Thanks in advance, Miriam.

12-08-2005, 08:59 PM
This is solution I got from Andrew Gregory:

"Opera have obviously made some changes since version 7. In the browser.js file, if you change the

opera = true;


{ var version = parseFloat(agent.substr(agent.indexOf("opera")+6));
if (version >= 8.0) dom = true;
else opera = true; }

That will give Opera 8 and later the DOM version of the script.

However, the DOM script (dom-build.js) then needs a slight tweak that I'm
quite sure will cause no problems. At about line 170, the following line:

fontTag.face = this.fontFace;

needs to change to:

fontTag.style.fontFamily = this.fontFace;

I don't see any problem with that (the latter is more standards-compliant
than the former!)."

Give it a try, it worked for me.