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05-14-2008, 03:31 PM
1) Script Title: virtual pagination script

2) Script URL (on DD): http://dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex17/virtualpagination.htm

3) Describe problem: I've tried to set up the virtual paginate script on a test server using one of my page templates.
Information comes up in the template when run but is not paginated.

Is someone around who can help me troubleshoot that page.
Link for test is http://7times.org/test/index.shtml

What I want to do is cause the complete "content" in the middle of my page to swap out at the click of a button or whatever.

Help would be deeply appreciated.


Ken :confused:

05-18-2008, 03:28 AM
Well, looks like no one wants to help.

Is there a script that is easy to set up that will page out my content in the middle column of my site?

Is there someone who is willing to help me do this?