View Full Version : need help with dynamic fader background please~

06-09-2005, 04:22 PM
im currently trying to use dynamic fader on my web.


everything works well with colored background. i wanted to change the bkgrd to image or transparent.. but it didnt work.. can someone help please? thanks~

06-09-2005, 08:09 PM
This script wasn't really meant to be used like that because it gets its ability to fade in and out by gradually changing the text color from and then to the background color. However, if you are willing to get a little creative, you can set the background color to transparent by changing only the second occurrence of this inside the external textfader.js script file:
TS.backgroundColor = TS_colorBG;to this:
TS.backgroundColor = 'transparent';Then somehow you need to get an image behind the Dynamic Fader. The easiest way is to set the background of the entire page to an image. Now comes the really creative part. Determine what the dominant color is in that part of the image that the Fader is operating over. Then set the on page part of the script to use that color as its background. If you've done your work well, you will have a Fader operating over an image. Works best with images that have a large area that is mostly one color to operate over.