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04-29-2008, 06:37 PM
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I am quite new to Web designing.
I am intending to use CSS with 3 colums and a header.
I used a bit "frames" where I had the links were listed on the left column. each time i would click on the link it would open the html page in the middle column.
i am trying to do the same thing again with css that if I click on any of the link on the left, they should open all html pages in the middle column.
(in this way all the links will be available all the time).
How do i do that

jscheuer1 02-22-2008[/U]
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Not with CSS. You either need frames, an iframe or javascript. Or you can make up otherwise duplicate pages with only the center column different in each one. With a server-side language like PHP or asp, you can have one page that reloads with different content in one or more sections imported from other pages. This is essentially the same as loading different pages that only vary in certain spots, but it is easier to maintain

Now I have only two css column.
Then I put the accordion menu scrip into left column.And it works.
Then I edit the links. And as "jscheuer1" said I duplicate pages with only different left column in each one.
But It does not work at all.
It works with frames, iframes .
I have to say I donīt know coding.
You said it could be done wiht javascript.
Please could you explain how.
Thank a lot
From Spain
An old General practitioner trying to say Hi World. If it is very difficult I am going to use frames although maybe itīs the worst way to do it.
I know it is a silly cuestion, and I know you all hate wysiwyg editors, I use Komposer 0.7 and an old fronpage.

04-29-2008, 08:31 PM
In fact I made a mistake,
The menu(accordion menu) are in left column, and they link in right column.