View Full Version : folding treemenu, like the 1 'n this site

10-06-2004, 04:12 PM
I have problem making a code that looks exactly like this one for folding tree submenu in this site

I am facing problem aligning the links so that it appears left \or right aligned, however, I don't want it to have bullets, the one shown in the example in dynamic drive is idented, i don't want this

Furthermore, i want to know how to make the dotted line bars that exist in the above site?

Hope someone could help me
Thanks in advance

02-07-2005, 08:57 PM
I did the site proformica.com, but the version with the menu she is referring to went off line 5-6 months ago, i.e. in October 2004.

Since several users still goes there to view the menu, I think I better say this: IT IS NOT THERE ANYMORE.

However, the menu was originally created by Ralph at http://gosu.pl/software/mygosumenu.html, and the menu I used at profomica.com was pretty similar to this: http://gosu.pl/demo/mygosumenu/1.3/example2.html

So, again: DO NOT GO TO PROFORMICA.COM SINCE THE MENU ISN'T THERE ANY MORE. GO TO http://gosu.pl/software/mygosumenu.html