View Full Version : Help with accessing flash ancors with 'a href' javascript

04-20-2008, 11:58 PM
I'm trying to set up a html (image mapped) menu to access predefined anchor point in a flash based site..

So far I'm not have much luck getting it to work..

here's what we're using now, It will load the correct anchor the first time the menu is clicked, BUT only that first time.

<area shape="rect" coords="411,79,498,101" href="index.html#contact" onclick="window.location.href='index.html#contact';return false;" />

What I suppose I need is a way to force the page to (re)load the flash at the anchor, etc.

Site is at www.aegorlando.com the links in question are the ones in the top menu under the phone numbers. BTW the 'in-flash' links work fine and the flash movie IS set up to use outside anchors. (since it does work on first click.)

anyone have any ideas or solutions?

thanks in advance.