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06-06-2005, 04:27 PM
Hmmmm.. a wee bit of a problem:

default.htm has a left-aligned table serving as a 'navigation menu' and a right-aligned iFrame (named 'viewframe') serving as the 'target' for left-side menu. [iFrame is NOT in the table; table and iFrame are side-by-side elements] I think of iFrame as 'child page' since it is contained within default.htm.

Clicking a left menu item (link to initiation.htm) loads initiation.htm in iFrame. iFrame height is automatically adjusted by DynamicDrive SCRIPT LOCATED IN DEFAULT.HTM (Works great!!)

initiation.htm serves as topic introduction and describes the processes included in the project management "initiation phase". The term 'Governance Structure' appears within the text of initiation.htm 'Governance Structure' is also a menu item in the table.

The problem:
If I click 'Governance Structure' in the navigation menu, gov.htm is loaded into the iFrame and the iFrame is automatically resized. Kewl!

If I make the 'Governance Structure' text (in initiation.htm) a simple link
blah blah <a href="gov.htm target="viewframe">Governance Structure</a> blah blah blah, gov.htm is loaded into a new window because initiation.htm is unaware of 'viewframe' target.

My desired solution:
Can I make my links in the pages loaded into the iFrame activate/run/call the corresponding navigation menu links in default.htm?? My goal obviously is that when an initiation.htm (or other 'iFrame page') link is clicked, the appropriate page is loaded into the iFrame AND the resize function activates/runs! This means that clicking a text link in any page loaded into the iFrame must execute a link in default.htm Can I do this??

I would appreciate your ideas. I have not been able to find ANY topics like this after a couple hours of searching.


gary b
gbowesATstate.pa.us - during business day

06-07-2005, 01:53 PM
Call off the dogs... problem has been resolved!

Thanks to all who put thought into this question.