View Full Version : Image Replacement

04-13-2008, 04:31 PM
Hi all, I have seen somewhere (yes I know, I'm foolish for not bookmarking) an effect applied to an image that I would like to replicate.

It's for a portfolio of art work that I want to display on the web.

The effect works as follows:

1) Original image is displayed on web page.
2) When mouse moves over image, another image replaces it. This new image though should slide up from the bottom until it totally obscures the original image and should contain links to a larger image and also a case study related to that piece of work.
3) When mouse is moved off the image, the original image returns.

All help is greatly appreciated.

I've seen lots of tutorials for mouseover effects but can't find one that will slide this new image in from bottom to top to obscure the original.

Thanks for your help and time in advance.