View Full Version : HELP Me W/ my Comp.

06-05-2005, 04:13 AM
I have a very huge problem with my computer. I cannot open "My Computer, My Documents, and files in drive C & D in the Start Menu except for applications" It seems that they are being locked somehow. I tried accessing these drives via IE and Mozilla Firefox *atleast in Mozilla Firefox I can access and open files but I don't want to do it forever it so very inconvenient in my part" but they did not opened. The worst thing is that I cannot open the Control Panel to access the System Restore.

I already did the followings in a hope to solve the problem:

1. I scanned my computer for virus using Avast, Antivir, and Mcafee and no viruses were found.

2. Scanned my computer for spyware using Microsoft Antispyware and Ad-aware SE but there are no spywares.

3. Scanned issues and no issues were found. Also scanned for registry errors but there no registry errors in my computer.

Please I need a professional help. What else should I do?