View Full Version : Cross-Platform Problems

03-31-2008, 10:59 PM
A long time ago, I purchased the legendary Medieval: Total War game for Windows XP. However, having recently moved over to Vista, I am having major problems trying to play the game. It loads and the music for the menu plays but the screen remains blank until I force quit the application. I have changed the Compatibility settings to make the game run in XP Sp 2 but that provided no solace. Help?

03-31-2008, 11:09 PM
Vista has very limited support for older software (such as in this case, even though it works on XP). I know that a lot of games will not work on Vista for nothing without having to either download or purchase a patch or new version. In any case, hope this helps.

03-31-2008, 11:18 PM
I have tried a few searches on some well known directories (namely google), but I can't seem to find the necessary patch. :( Anyone else have some ideas?