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Sir Andrew
03-28-2008, 07:48 PM
Popup Calendar

I am trying to get the popup caendar working on my site
but the location where the calendar appears is not working right
it should show up right by where you click the link at right?
its putting it at the top of the page out of sight

I am also running 3 other srcipts from DD on the same page
~Highlight form element
~Disable "Enter" Key in Form script
~Pop-it menu

Other than changing some of the CSS code to change colors and boarders and moving the CSS to a file called gcs.css I have not changed the javascript code any

I have tryed it on the demo page and it works fine even on the html file that comes with the .js file download they all work fine there

but when I try it on my page (both on my computer and live on its host) it will not show it in the right place

I am new to javascript other than using copy and paste with scripts from DD I have never done any thing with javascript

this is my first paying job as a web designer so I want it to look "nice" and this code is giving me a headach trying to understand it :)

My only thought is that the Pop-it menu script is also using a line of code to make something have a "position:absolute"

on another page of my site I am using the
CSS Popup Image Viewer
and that page gives me no problem with either code so I am not really sure what it is that is making it not work right

Sir Andrew