View Full Version : Tabs Menu (Mouseover)

06-01-2005, 03:18 PM
Hi, I hope someone can help me here.

I am trying to adapt your Tabs Menu (mouseover) script on a test page of a site I'm thinking of publishing.

I think I've got the hang of most of it but there is just one thing that I can't seem to crack.

The area where the secondary links appears is fixed on the left side of the screen.

This throws the text that I have centered so it appears under the original links out of line when I look at it on my 15" laptop.

It is ok on my 17" tft apart from the fact that it then overlaps the light blue shade that I have as a theme.

One more thing is there a code for no colour (i.e) transparent. That would solve the second part of my first question.

http://www.thegtb.co.uk/Bristol_Property_Centre_Test_Page.htm (Bristol Property Centre)

I hope that made sense, Thanks for reading.