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03-12-2008, 11:12 PM

we have installed lastRSS script

but .. there is problem with language


we want to show the last rss with Arabic lang

but , it appears with wrong characters

can any one help us

03-13-2008, 01:24 AM
You should Observe the correct posting (http://www.dynamicdrive.com/forums/showthread.php?t=6).

03-19-2008, 01:57 AM
Thanks ..

i'm using gAjax RSS Feeds Displayer

// -------------------------------------------------------------------
// gAjax RSS Feeds Displayer- By Dynamic Drive, available at: http://www.dynamicdrive.com
// Created: July 17th, 2007 Updated: n/a
// -------------------------------------------------------------------

var gfeedfetcher_loading_image="indicator.gif" //Full URL to "loading" image. No need to config after this line!!

google.load("feeds", "1") //Load Google Ajax Feed API (version 1)

function gfeedfetcher(divid, divClass, linktarget){
this.linktarget=linktarget || "" //link target of RSS entries
this.feedlabels=[] //array holding lables for each RSS feed
this.feeds=[] //array holding combined RSS feeds' entries from Feed API (result.feed.entries)
this.feedsfetched=5 //number of feeds fetched //Amira was 0
this.showoptions="" //Optional components of RSS entry to show (none by default)
this.sortstring="date" //sort by "date" by default
document.write('<div id="'+divid+'" class="'+divClass+'"></div>') //output div to contain RSS entries
this.itemcontainer="<li>" //default element wrapping around each RSS entry item

gfeedfetcher.prototype.addFeed=function(label, url){

gfeedfetcher.prototype.filterfeed=function(feedlimit, sortstr){
if (typeof sortstr!="undefined")

this.showoptions=parts //set RSS entry options to show ("date, datetime, time, snippet, label, description")

gfeedfetcher.prototype.setentrycontainer=function(containerstr){ //set element that should wrap around each RSS entry item

this.feedsfetched=0 //reset number of feeds fetched to 0 (in case init() is called more than once)
this.feeds=[] //reset feeds[] array to empty (in case init() is called more than once)
this.feedcontainer.innerHTML='<img src="'+gfeedfetcher_loading_image+'" /> Retrieving RSS feed(s)'
var displayer=this
for (var i=0; i<this.feedurls.length; i++){ //loop through the specified RSS feeds' URLs
var feedpointer=new google.feeds.Feed(this.feedurls[i]) //create new instance of Google Ajax Feed API
var items_to_show=(this.feedlimit<=this.feedurls.length)? 1 : Math.floor(this.feedlimit/this.feedurls.length) //Calculate # of entries to show for each RSS feed
if (this.feedlimit%this.feedurls.length>0 && this.feedlimit>this.feedurls.length && i==this.feedurls.length-1) //If this is the last RSS feed, and feedlimit/feedurls.length yields a remainder
items_to_show+=(this.feedlimit%this.feedurls.length) //Add that remainder to the number of entries to show for last RSS feed
feedpointer.setNumEntries(items_to_show) //set number of items to display
feedpointer.load(function(r){displayer._fetch_data_as_array(r)}) //call Feed.load() to retrieve and output RSS feed

gfeedfetcher._formatdate=function(datestr, showoptions){
var itemdate=new Date(datestr)
var parseddate=(showoptions.indexOf("datetime")!=-1)? itemdate.toLocaleString() : (showoptions.indexOf("date")!=-1)? itemdate.toLocaleDateString() : (showoptions.indexOf("time")!=-1)? itemdate.toLocaleTimeString() : ""
return "<span class='datefield'>"+parseddate+"</span>"

gfeedfetcher._sortarray=function(arr, sortstr){
var sortstr=(sortstr=="label")? "ddlabel" : sortstr //change "label" string (if entered) to "ddlabel" instead, for internal use
if (sortstr=="title" || sortstr=="ddlabel"){ //sort array by "title" or "ddlabel" property of RSS feed entries[]
var fielda=a[sortstr].toLowerCase()
var fieldb=b[sortstr].toLowerCase()
return (fielda<fieldb)? -1 : (fielda>fieldb)? 1 : 0
else{ //else, sort by "publishedDate" property (using error handling, as "publishedDate" may not be a valid date str if an error has occured while getting feed
arr.sort(function(a,b){return new Date(b.publishedDate)-new Date(a.publishedDate)})

var thisfeed=(!result.error)? result.feed.entries : "" //get all feed entries as a JSON array or "" if failed
if (thisfeed=="") //if error has occured fetching feed
alert("Google Feed API Error: "+result.error.message)
for (var i=0; i<thisfeed.length; i++) //For each entry within feed
result.feed.entries[i].ddlabel=this.feedlabels[this.feedsfetched] //extend it with a "ddlabel" property
this.feeds=this.feeds.concat(thisfeed) //add entry to array holding all feed entries
this._signaldownloadcomplete() //signal the retrieval of this feed as complete (and move on to next one if defined)

if (this.feedsfetched==this.feedurls.length) //if all feeds fetched
this._displayresult(this.feeds) //display results
// may add encoding here mb_convert_encodin

var rssoutput=(this.itemcontainer=="<li>")? "<ul>\n" : ""
gfeedfetcher._sortarray(feeds, this.sortstring)
for (var i=0; i<feeds.length; i++){
var itemtitle="<a href=\"" + feeds[i].link + "\" target=\"" + this.linktarget + "\" class=\"titlefield\">" + feeds[i].title + "</a>"
var itemlabel=/label/i.test(this.showoptions)? '<span class="labelfield">['+this.feeds[i].ddlabel+']</span>' : " "
var itemdate=gfeedfetcher._formatdate(feeds[i].publishedDate, this.showoptions)
var itemdescription=/description/i.test(this.showoptions)? "<br />"+feeds[i].content : /snippet/i.test(this.showoptions)? "<br />"+feeds[i].contentSnippet : ""
rssoutput+=this.itemcontainer + itemtitle + " " + itemlabel + " " + itemdate + "\n" + itemdescription + this.itemcontainer.replace("<", "</") + "\n\n"
//may encode here

rssoutput+=(this.itemcontainer=="<li>")? "</ul>" : ""



03-24-2008, 12:09 AM
Make sure that you are using the correct enctype in your headers of the html document. That's the only thing I could think of.

Hope this helps.