View Full Version : Select image/radio button does not work

03-07-2008, 12:32 PM
I have, what i hope is a simple issue, but i cannot seem to figure it out. Would someone please take a gander at my code and help me out?

This is a multi-page form with all code place on a single page with show/hide divs. When using a simple version of this (http://www.g3crm.com/expert/2div.htm) you are able to select the "shot" upper selection option, and the "shotsize" (lower selection option) on page 3.
to see this follow the url and click the male on page 1, click on the image on page 2 and then try to select the shot and then shot size. It works in both IE 6 and Firefox.

Issue: I added divs to allow the shot and shot size selection options on page 3 to be specific to the selected model on page 2, but when I did I was no longer able to select the shotsize in Firefox, but still could in Internet Explorer. Please see code and example here: http://g3crm.com/expert/div10.htm

Can someone please do a "view source", take a look at my code, and give me some guidance.