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03-06-2008, 12:21 PM
Ajax XML Ticker (txt file source)

The ticker works great. My question seems to be a simple one, but due to my lack of knowledge of JavaScript and such, it's killing me.

I want to be able to provide a "Next" and "Previous" feature, as well as count the number of divs being displaying through the ticker, so that I can display a link to view each div by number.

I've read through the code and I see where it loops through the text file to count the number of divs, then sets the pointer, fade, rotate, etc.

I've tried planting in my own functions, as well as adding some versatility to the current functions to try and gain the ability to manually set the location of the ticker to a specified number that corresponds to the number placement of the div within the text file... it's just not working.

I hope that makes sense.