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03-05-2008, 07:47 AM
I have one of two problems.

1. When I load a page into a Ajax Tab that has SVG (Scaleable Vector Graphics) commands the graphics do not display. They do if the I use the embed label and refer to a SVG file. The page works fine as a standalone. Since I am generating the SVG commands on the fly using ASP from data base data the embed command will not work for this application.

2. The work around is to use the #Iframe in ajax tabs. This works great except the iframe window is set at a fixed height. Looking at the script I do not see what sets the height? I have attempted to make a style for the tabcontentiframe class, but this has no effect on the iframe.

The use of an iframe looks like the best bet, but where am I supposed to set the class parameters and how do I change the height of the frame?

Thanks - I hope this is in the right thread

I can provide a link to the code, but because of the ajax tab and the ASP munging there is not much to see.