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Invader Bugs
05-29-2005, 12:41 AM
hi, im working on a website for someone that is selling a boat, and rather than just place an ad with pictures, he would like just a website.

alright, now, he doesnt really want a .com, .net, etc. site. but, he wants to have it where you can type in certain things in google, yahoo, or some other search engine, then have it come up.

is this possible? if so, how?


05-29-2005, 02:28 AM
well, i am pretty new to all this also, i have my site, boxpictures.com. i am pretty sure it will have to have a .com or .net etc. you will need to either buy a domain name, or use one of the free ones, ie. geocities.com or tripod.com. anyways, after you make the site which could be as simple as a picture and some words, then you load it to the web. after that go to the popular search engines such as ask jeeves, google dogpile etc, and you can submit your site url with a brief description. then if they type in words that are in the title, or description, yours will pop up. since google shows the most popular sites, meaning the more people that visit the site, the higher up it will be on the list, it will start out at the very bottom. if you need help putting the site together, you can send me an email willie@visualrecords.com

good luck