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02-27-2008, 05:56 AM

I'm trying to setup proper javascript fallback for LogicWeb www.logicweb.com . I am not a designer by trade so please bear with me here. Currently, I simply used this method:

<noscript><img alt="Javascript is Disabled in your Browser" src="images/javascript.gif" /></noscript>

The problem is shown in the screenshot, looks horrible. Otherwise, homepage is pleasant with ajax tabs when javascript is enabled.

How can I go about doing a proper fallback without adverse effects?

02-27-2008, 08:49 AM
Well, I'm not about to redesign your page, but one idea with AJAX for a fully compatible non-javascript fall back is have links something like so:

<a href="import_1.htm"
onclick="myAJAX_function(this.href, 'target_id');return false;">
Important Stuff</a>

Then, if you click on the link without javascript enabled, it takes you to the page, which could have content for navigation (regular links) and other things (like a header and footer) that are in a division(s) that has its display style set to none on the 'top' page, should it get imported there by the javascript enabled browser, but which are visible on that page by itself for anyone who navigates directly to it.