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05-26-2005, 02:24 PM
Script: HV Menu 5.5

I have used HV Menu at http://www.jamestownjammers.com/ and it works great!

However, a few of the pages (team statistics, etc.) are hosted and served by a third-party. For these pages I need to supply a Template with absolute URLs for all links and graphics... including the menu.

I have tried to accomplish this 3 ways:

1) Include absolute URLS for all images in _com file, retain original _var file
EXAMPLE: Menu1=new Array("rollover:http://www.jamestownjammers.com/images/nav_home.gif:http://www.jamestownjammers.com/images/nav_home2.gif","http://www.jamestownjammers.com/index.php","",0,20,50);
RESULT: Works when tested if template files reside at www.jamestownjammers.com - when template resides on another domain, the images load, but break after rollover (see below for links)

2) Include absolute URLS for all images in _var file, retain original _com file
EXAMPLE: this.value="<img src='http://www.jamestownjammers.com/"+this.ri1+
RESULT: Rollover-state images display, but not regular images

3) Include absolute URLS for all images in _var file and _com file
RESULT: Rollover-state images display, but not regular images - very curious, I thought the whole thing would break when I changed both files! :confused:

The three Templates described above reside on the Jammers domain at:

And a seperate domain/server at:


Calling the JavaScript from another domain/server does not seem to be the issue, since the menu half-works. Perhaps it is the colon after http in the URL that is affecting the rollover: format in the script? Any ideas??

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05-26-2005, 03:20 PM
Now I am pretty sure that the issue has to do with the rollover code or format. I tried simply using a graphic rather than a rollover and the images show up just fine:


It's not great, but it will work until I can figure out how to fix the rollover. Any help from someone more familiar with JavaScript would be greatly appreciated!

05-26-2005, 04:30 PM
Try using the network path for the rollovers, ex:
Menu1=new Array("rollover://www.jamestownjammers.com/images/nav_home.gif://www.jamestownjammers.com/images/nav_home2.gif","http://www.jamestownjammers.com/index.php","",0,20,50);I'm not sure how this will work in your situation but, it has worked in others.

05-26-2005, 06:39 PM
:) :) :)
That worked! Thank you so much!

PS: Etiquette advice needed - Now that the issue is resolved, how long is it customary to leave the test pages I had created on my server (linked above) for others to view if having the same problem?