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05-25-2005, 10:21 PM
Hello everybody. That's my first post.

I'd been using Cmotion script. It works fine. You can see it in


Only there is a little detail that I don't like and I can't resolve (I don't know javascript code). When the cursor is set to move the images the script works good but the images are not well displayed in the screen. They look cupped in the middle and there is some strange pixel vibration. The images I usea are not too big (jpg of mean 20 Kb) but there are 36 images and, perhaps there is any memory video problem or something wrong.

Another thing I would like is the Cmotion could be autoscrollable. I mean, when the cursor is out it would be cool that the images move automatically from left to right. And when the gallery would arrive to the end it moves from right to left again and again automatically with a preselected scrollspeed. Of course, when the cursor in on the motioncontainer the script would work normally.

Any ideas about it???.


05-26-2005, 05:06 AM
The odd appearance of the images is due to the fact that their true dimensions are not those reported to the browser by your code. This requires the browser to constantly resize them 'on the fly' once they are in motion. To avoid this, either use their true dimensions in the code or create resized copies of the images, with the dimensions in your code, for use in the gallery. Modifying the code for the gallery to change its behavior as you request can probably be done. I'm working on a few other projects of this nature right now, if no one else gets to it sooner, I will at least take a crack at it later.

05-26-2005, 11:43 AM
Ok thaks. It seemed a good idea to resize the images at the code size. I have done it but the odd appearance doesn't disappear. I think it could be a problem with the processor speed or memory video card. With a Pentium IV the odd effect is smaler than with a Pentium II, for example. Perhaps, the code needs to be optimized. It seems like a refresh screen problem. I don't know. I have try to use less images (only 10 and not the 36) but the problem goes on.

You can verify it again at http://www.pintorcastanyer.com/MUBAG.htm
The more disgusting effect is that the images seem to be cupped in the middle. The pixel vibration is less important.

Thank you again.l

05-26-2005, 04:44 PM
Definitely seems better now. I think if you were to cut way down on your maxspeed variable in the script it would help alot too. As it is now the pictures whiz by so fast I can barely see them unless I am very careful not to move the mouse too far to the left or right (depending upon direction) of the gallery.