View Full Version : Combining Scripts Problem

02-04-2008, 11:28 AM
I'm trying to combine this tutorial


and this tutorial


so that the select menu will generate the details on another page without the page refreshing and that it will also have collapsible panels.

Both of these tutorials work great but when you combine them the var "collapse" or "collapse2" throws up an undefined error. I've tried including all the scripts in the head of both the index file and the seperate file which displays the extra details. I've even tried declaring all the collapse variables in both files but to no avail. I've also just tried the loadobjs within both the select menu and a newly created hyperlink with no success.

Is there a solution or an alternate solution to this problem so that I can use the data from the seperate page as well as incorporating collapsible panels within the page content?

If you're willing to give this a shot please try putting the collapsible panels code into one of the page1.htm pages specified in the other tutorial to see what I mean.

Thanks in advance for any help!