View Full Version : Star trek "warp speed" effect background?

Lucas Novae
05-20-2005, 01:47 PM
Hello there!

I'm looking for something a bit specific, and I'd like to know if someone would be kind enough to either guide me towards something that exists, or do it for me (I'm sure this isn't something hard).

I've done a search on the internet for animated star backgrounds, starfield backgrounds, etc. But all the effects I've seen are just copycats of the windows StarField screen saver... not quite what I want.

I would like to have something that looks more like what you would see out of the side window of a starship. That is, lines moving from right to left. The lines would be darker or brighter, faster or slower, longer or shorter, depending on their "distance" from the ship.

Now, I suck at maths, but I can still tell that there must be a simple way to calculate this from a random number (each line is a random number, and operations on this number determine it's properties. The number is higher, then the line is shorter, slower, and "dimmer". The number is lower, then the line is longer, faster, and brighter).

This I guess could be done by drawing the lines using divs that would be 1px high, X px wide, and have a background of a certain degree of white (dependant on the random calculation described below)... and move at a certain speed.

If anyone has done this, or is willing to take a few minutes to do it, I would be really grateful!

P.S. I have no intention of just putting a centered transparent table and yellow text on it. I'm a better designer than this. I'll have a nice light-gray background design and readable black text ^^. And no it's not for a star trek site.

05-20-2005, 05:47 PM
I was all ready to write this script for you but you lost me with that last line:

And no it's not for a star trek site.Seriously though, your idea seems sound but would not be, as far as I know, a snap for anyone. I've trouble shot some of theses fancy effect scripts to get them to work with some of the more recent browsers, and believe me, they are not simple to write or, fix. If someone else feels they can just jot down a script like that from your description alone, I'd like to see it!