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05-20-2005, 08:57 AM
Hey you guys,

I've got a problem. No, actually my boyfriend has a problem, but he's so stubborn and now I'll try to help him by asking you for your expert advice. I hope I can make the problem clear to you.

So, my boyfriend has an image based horizontal navigation bar (buttons are defined as background images and in the cells of the navigation bar there are texts like "News", "Contact", etc.). Now he'd like to have a DHTML-Menu on this navigation bar, so that if you move the mouse over one of the button-images, some sublevels show up. Just the buttons have to be images, nothing else! And it's necessary to define a width and a height for each of the buttons, because it's a table based navigation bar.

Another problem he's got, is this: The website is centered and the navigation bar is implemented in the layout of the site (it's below the header). He explained his problem to me as follows: Most DHTML-menus have an option which says "start left at e.g. 300 px", but because his site is centered and many people have a different resolution, he cannot define a width where the menu to start at because depending on the resolution the margins are different. So there should be a possibility to center the menu.

That's it. I hope somebody can help me/my boyfriend. I mean, I cannot imagine that there's no way this problems can be solved.

Thank you in advance,
Irina :)

PS: I searched the forum for a suitable thread, but unfortunately didn't find one.

05-20-2005, 05:34 PM
Are you talking about this handsome individual?


Anyways, the advice I gave there seems tailor made for your question. It might help if we could see the page as it now is. You could post a link to it.

That Jim's menu I suggested can do all the stuff you are talking about including centering. A work around will be needed for newer versions of Firefox though as its creators deemed it necessary to prevent 'reposition on resize' which powers Jim's ability to stay centered. That work around could be to call the reposition with a 1 millisecond timeout. Gotta find it first.