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01-26-2008, 11:07 AM

Its a good script and is working fine with me.
But one thing I want to ask in it according to my use.
When I am using this script. I have say 5 tabs in it,
First tab is home.php,
In 2nd tab: I have a form which is to be submitted say of "rating.php" and the form action is the same page on which the user is currently present "home.php" when I press the submit button the page loads again then 2nd tab is loaded that is fine but no action is taken. that means what I have specified in 2nd tab URL gets open and that is rating.php but without any action been taken.

If I give form action as rating.php than I goes to different page and not on the home.php page.
Please tell me what to do so that when i press submit button on rating.php then the rating get submitted and the same home.php page opens.
Can it be done something like this that when I submit the button on rating.php then only inside this page action is taken. I also tried in form action
the direct code for 2nd tab but then also no action is taken and the 2nd tab opens directly without any action.
Please Help.

01-26-2008, 03:17 PM
If I understood you correctly, for the 2nd tab, you should use the IFRAME option to display the external page for it. If the external page contains a FORM, submitting it won't cause the entire browser to navigate to the results page, only the page within the IFRAME.

01-27-2008, 04:01 PM
hey ddadmin thanx. You have got my problem right.
but I want to ask in this case if i use iframe then i have to include style sheets and javascripts for this page also. and I don't want that. can't i do it without using iframe. Like as I have seen in many sites they have established a login form and when we submit it then and there only it processes out.
Something of this sort, if u have here. Please tell me
thanx again.