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01-03-2008, 11:05 PM
greetings from the js noob . . .

admitedly my js is not up to par with my html, so i used Dreamweaver's nifty little pop up menu maker . . . between what was put in the head tags and what the .js file contains WOW that's a lot of code! I am at a loss for how to solve my problem.

Two different pages- both created off the SAME template. One displays the pop up menu, one does not. I cannot understand why this is if made from same template. Would love some fresh ideas . . . had intended to launch this site today :(

Scroll over "SALE HORSES" to see where menu is supposed to be.

menu works: http://www.exchangehunterjumper.com/ranges/sold.htm

menu doesn't work: http://www.exchangehunterjumper.com/ranges/prospects_all.htm

please, and MANY thanks!

01-05-2008, 12:06 AM
anything I can include here that might solicit a reply? Could really use some help . . . don't know if I should be looking at mm_showMenu, mmLoadmenu, writeMenu? I don't even know where to begin . . . then there's the .js file.

So please, let me know if there is something I could include here that would help my question get a reply. thanks.