View Full Version : FRAME vs IFRAME

05-11-2005, 03:20 AM
I've read a lot of the articles on the comparisons of using Iframes or Frames, but i want to know if there is an alternative for me given:

1. It's not cross browser tolerant ie. it only has to work in FF1.03 and IE6

2. The navigation for the site is placed in a left frame, the content on the right. The left frame has a java script and Active-x control in it, which I don't want to have to reload for every page, so I just link the left frame to the right using target.

3. It's a private intranet site built in frames so there is no issue with anyone viewing other external content within my frames.

4. I can't get Iframes to look as good and have a lot of probs with the scroll bars (yeah, perhaps I'm just lazy here but I don't have loads of time)

5. The alternatives such as iframe, embed object, include and so on don't seem to be as easy to code quickly for both FF and IE comatibility.

So - should I try not using frames and code through CSS instead or something???

thanx heaps.