View Full Version : lightbox2 problem

12-21-2007, 03:29 PM
i've "installed" the script.. but.. all i got when i click on an image is a white window that sometimes shrinks(like it shoulds) but no image is shown and the background is not turned in black

here is a link to the page:
( the left 2 big images are added to the lightbox )

here is and the lightbox example which works:

any idea what's wrong?

12-21-2007, 03:51 PM
There is a conflict between the mootools-release-1.11.js and one or more of the lightbox scripts. As mootools-release-1.11.js is a javascript framework, and so is js/prototype.js, it is probably a conflict between those two. There is a lightbox 'clone' called slimbox that uses mootools:


That could probably work on that page. You would have to remove the lightbox script links and css, and add the slimbox stuff. There could still be problems if the version of mootools required by your other scripts is different than that required by slimbox. The way mootools works is that you can compile it with the units you need, you would have to have a version with all required units for all of your scripts that use it. And there could still be a conflict between slimbox and some of your other scripts that work off of mootools. But, if you are handy, it's worth a shot.

Otherwise, stick with lightbox and find other ways to do the things you are using mootools for.