View Full Version : After form submit alter webpage

12-19-2007, 10:48 PM
I dont think this is a Dynamic Drive question but if so sorry about posting it into the wrong section.

I have a two fold question all dealing with the same form. I have a form that when I click the submit button it takes awhile for the second page to even respond and load (because so much database work is going on). I would like to disable the submit button (which I can do) and display a secondary window (still attached to the main window so not a popup) while waiting on the second page to respond.

The second part is when I click on a link on this page it opens a popup window opens. I have seen sites where you can not change anything on the background window until the popup is closed (or maybe its part of the parent window).

The only downfall to my questions is whatever I add onto the site has to work on a PocketPC so I can access these forms from my cell phone.