View Full Version : looking for some event help

12-11-2007, 05:50 PM
what id like is an admin section that you post the events with and then the events page.
maybe if someone could create this i could pay for it of if its out there then i can get some help finding it.

the look of what i want is here http://metromix.com
its on the right side of the page.

or set up like such:

have the current week listed:
12 l 13 l 14 l 15 l 16 l 17 l 18 l

have the current date highlighted with the events for that day under it.

time l event l location

9.00 l free admission l Iguanas

is there a script out there that i can copy. id like ti to use a database with the events in the database stored. any help please i am desperate. thanks alot.