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12-10-2007, 02:34 PM
I'm try to figure out how you "Interstitial Content Box" script work to modify it, my issue is I need it
to work when I want it to, by calling a javascript function with an argument.
Or can you tell me how to modify it.

desplay a text
overlay('this text')
overlay('this text'.'text')

or get a file

The web app i'm working on does the following:

link: <a href="javascript:getPage('/action/mail')">get mail</a>

1. call an Ajax script to get a page
2. if there is an error while processing the page on the server
it will insert a tag "<input type ="hidden" id="msg" value="you must sign in">" to the return page.
3. then I check if there was an error returned by: var msg = document.getElementById('msg').value;
4. now I want to use your script to desplay the error message.

Ajax call

var msg = document.getElementById('msg').value;
if(msg != null){
overlay and display message