View Full Version : HV menu problems

05-06-2005, 02:14 PM

I have just placed the HV menu into my site but have a few problems. I have placed rollover images in for the buttons instead of having text.

1: I have targeted the menu to a spacer gif in my site and when viewing on the web the position is correct. when I resize the browser window in ie on the MAC the menu moves around this however does not happen when viewing on a PC. Is this due to it being a mac and can I stop it? :confused:

2: My menu has 8 first level items when viewing in the browser window a scroll bar appears on the right even though there is enough room. However when I reduce the first level items to 5 I do not get a scroll bar. Is this something to do with the HV menu and if so how can I correct it please?

I hope you can help!