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12-05-2007, 10:38 AM
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DHTML Window Widget

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Thanks for the Widget first off, it is great.
Similar to Thread=26235

I more want to clarify something, so as to go down the correct path.

I have a page that calls a Iframe Window, which then uses
window.parent.Frmcheckall.txtRateID.value = varRateID;
to update its parent form element.

My issue is that I have now put this parent window into an Iframe, and the Pop-up appears within the Iframe, instead of above the parent, where I was hoping to have it appear.

I was thinking I will have to do the following to make it work:
Then from the Pop-up
Send the variable back to the Iframe, somehow?

This is where I get lost amongst as a JS newby.

I was thinking
window.parent.iframe_myIframe.myFrm.MyElement.value = var

Your comments would be appreciated.