View Full Version : rollover function activating multiple jscripts

11-30-2007, 11:24 PM
After trying many things I am to much of a beginner to develop the solution.

I have a series of image rollovers using area shapes.
What I would like is to activate a different javascript function for each image map area.

So I've been fiddeling with the onmouseover='' to activate the javascript. I think I need to create an if statement before activating the javascript snow (for instance). Then it will know that when the cursor is nolonger above the map area and the snow will immediatly stop.
I've also tried with the onmouseout= but I don't think it can turn off the snow function once it is activated.

Perhaps it is very easy for you :) and I hope you can understand my struggle :D

Can you please post an example of how this is done. I'm really stuck.