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05-05-2005, 02:06 AM
Script: Link Floatie script

I'm making a website that pulls information out of a database and links it as well as giving the user the ability to have the floatie down at the bottom of the screen to display the information. I've used PHP and MySQL to retrieve all the information and its come up successfully.... now I'm left with:

<a href="~working link~" onMouseover='showfloatie("<div align=left><p align=left><font color=#0066FF><strong>Name</strong></font><font color=#CCCCCC><br>Information<br>Information<br><font color=#00CC00>Information</font><br></p></div>", event)' onMouseout="hidefloatie()">here</a>

I can't get the floatie to appear. I've tried quite a few combinations with changing the double and single quotes and no combination has given me much. If anyone can suggest tags that the floatie script doesn't agree with or really anything that I'm doing wrong, I'd be very appreciative.