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05-04-2005, 01:16 PM
Hi There,

Can you help me?

I want to create a website that uses the same webpage on the left hand side of the screen (and takes up the whole of the left hand side of the screen) for all of the submenus- and I want the content for each sub menu (on the right hand side of the screen) in a user scrollable frame so that the user never has to use the browsers scrollers to see the full content of each new page.

THIS KIND OF THING!! (http://www.benmichaelmusic.com/example.jpg)

I have tried


but have failed!

I'm guessing that this is going to be complicated - any help is hugely appriciated.

Many thanks,

05-05-2005, 06:24 AM
You'd have better luck adapting this script,


targeting its iframe with your content.

It helps if you understand about iframes and targeting them. A nice optional, time saving twist would be putting the source for the content pages' script in an external .js file, assuming you know about that.

Never too late to learn such things though.