View Full Version : Jim's DHTML Appearing Order

05-04-2005, 06:58 AM
I have set up jim's DHTML menu, and it works great! (thanks). However, if I load a page that's graphic heavy, ALL of the graphics have to load before the DHTML menu appears. How do I set it up so the menu always appears first (or at least doesn't wait until the whole page is loaded)?

Thank you.

05-04-2005, 07:33 AM
Well, it could get ugly in real life but, limited testing shows that removing the:

onload="init()"from the body tag and placing this script right after the body tag, like so, may do the trick:

<script type="text/javascript">
</script>I have my doubts though, as it may not give the script time enough to load before calling the init function. It may work for you, locally, or if you have the script cached, but not for first time visitors to your live page. To test, go live and empty your cache first. You may be able to find, by trial and error, a spot further down your page that will give it enough time. If so, I'd move it on down below another element or two just to be on the safe side. In any case, I am not recommending this as foolproof, by any means.