View Full Version : htaccess - kill cookie

11-22-2007, 05:30 PM

I've successfully installed htaccess, htpasswd and the folder to be protected. Everything is working fine but I'm wondering how you can kill the cookie when a person is finished with the files within the folder. After initially accessing the folder (by logging in), reviewing the files and then leaving the site I was able to go back by typing the folder path into the browser and gained access without logging in. I went thru the recommended guide but I didn't see anything addressing this. Any suggestions?

11-23-2007, 02:23 PM
Sorry... I found it. After searching the net for a fix (several hours last night) I looked at my htaccess file this morning and realized I hadn't deleted what originally appeared in the file before I added your generated code. Although it seemed to work okay, the two were conflicting with each other. Duh.