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11-13-2007, 07:50 AM
1) Script Title: Omni Slide

2) Script URL (on DD): http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex1/omnislide/index.htm

3) Describe problem: I know i will probably sound stupid in here, I have done some coding but have forgotten most of what I learned over the years. Im just now getting back into some webmeister design again.. and need a js refresher and a bit of help.

Im Trying to install this scrip on a webpage generated by netobjects fusion 7

From what I can tell by the LIMITED instructions on the page above, im told to I copy and paste the entire script from the demo page and install on my OWN page? Is that right?

I am installing it between the head tags, of the source, but nothing shows up but the text? I see no menues other than the text?

Not objects uses master boarders and frames, but my experimentation page is just a simple layout with ZERO master boarders or frames.. I wanted to make sure nothing like frames would mess it up. Also one can put a LAYOUT and ascribe HTML to the layout (which is handy in the past) so the thing can be placed anywhere on the page.

Could it be that NO7 runs some scripts on its own that would block this js from working somehow? I use IE6 btw too. I can see the menues on the DEMO page from the site above..so I know my browser works... just not in my own pages when the script is installed within NO7

Been awhile since i messed with scripts and kinda forgot the basics of JS installation into websites.. ie..are there other files (class files) that have to be in the same directory as the page itself like applets do? Or is it just copy and paste this into your page and modify it within editor or other tool?

Anyways..Can someone go over it really quickly step by step how to add this script to a webpage in NO7? I have the site settings for CSS too...

But I need to make the menues show up? I already read the CSS tutorials pages linked somewhere from the forum before.. and read it completely but stilll they dont really go step by step how to INSTALL The scripts into a webpage...for dummy like me! :)

So if anyone can.. how bout basic step by step installation for these scripts how to install into web pages? I also wonder about the items in the zip file.. where do these need to be placed if at all? in directories the page will be in?

i see basically see two scripts and html pages in the zip file which one goes into the page if any.. and were do they go? Do u use both installed into the page? If so how and where? If not where do these go? I assume the demo.html is just to allow you to copy the source for your own page.. but what about these?

menuItems.js and mmenue.js

A simple step by step readme would go a long way here for us gnoobs telling us EXACTLY What to do, not assuming we ALREADY know...


1. copy script from demo.htm.
2. paste entire script into page between head tags
3. Modify script properties as needed


1. unzip files to blah blah
2. Copy and past --------js and place between header tags of page
3. insert -------------js file into blah blah.. etc.. :)

Seems like these script I see on the net, just ASSUME everyone knows how to use them already... and dont provide STEP by step instructions in the ZIP how to install them.. etc.. always bugs me since im kinda a gnoob..:)

I know Net Objects is kinda weird how they generate the pages..but i have tried everything to insert this script into my pages 1oo different ways, and I see NOTHING>

thanks in advance

11-13-2007, 01:54 PM
I know nothing about Net Objects Fusion 7. I did write the script. I didn't write the demo page.

If you download the demo zip and unzip it to a directory and launch demo.htm in the browser, it should be then be working for you locally. You can edit (best done with a text only editor) demo.htm to suit, adding other markup. The only modifications needed to change the menus are made to (once again using a text only editor, this time it is the only sort of editor you can use):


Entire menus may be removed, if desired, leaving you with only one or two. The actual look and feel of each menu is governed by its properties, a full list of which are in properties.htm, launch it in your browser to view them. Use only the properties you need, the defaults are good in many cases and will automatically be applied for any property you do not specifically list. The actual link set for a given menu can be edited in the section:

menuItems:[ // REQUIRED!!

in menuItems.js for each menu.

You should not edit mmenu.js

11-13-2007, 06:41 PM
thanks john for the quick reply...

Yes I can see the demo locally so its working fine.. Everything appears just dandy.. Just want to make sure im INSTALLING the script correctly into my site and not missing any Important steps? No one really lays it out step by step with instructions for people like me who need MAJOR hand holding for this. From reading other tutorials Im piecing together the steps on my own.. I think i am getting close how to install and run this script on my site.

Since you said to only modify the menuItems.js I have come up with what I think are the steps need to run this script...

Correct me if I am wrong here on any step..

Unzip the omnislide zip...

1. Open demo page, view source copy and paste the code from the demo page into my page(s) to run the script...
2. Modify the script document, "menuItems.js" and save changes, in order to control how the menues appear/function on my site
3. Upload the saved/modified "menuItems.js"/"mmenue.js" to my server in the same directory as my pages
4. Modify the demo script at the top of the script in order to reference the true path on my server, to the newly modified "menuItems.js" file on my server to run the menu's.

My questions right now are

1. I need to know which line of the demo script to modify to direct the script (via URL) to MY version of the menuItems.js file on my server? (Assuming I am correct that I modify the .js file then upload it to my server where my site is, and then use the FULL pathway to run it.)

2. What do I do with the "mmenu.js" file? Again Im assuming this also needs to be uploaded to my site's page directory structure along with the MenuItems.js?? But there are no instructions on this either. And this one is NOT modified but left as is according to your instructions

Maybe you could include a step by step READ ME in the ZIP, for dummies like me? hahaha

I know these questions I have are probably simple and rudimentary for most, and are just covering the basics of installing scripts that MOST people who do sites, probably already know.. but thats what I need right now... help with the installation and upload etc... to get it to show up on my pages..not necessarily the actual editing of the script per se.. for looks, (I think I can pretty much read and following MODIFYING The thing I hope) I just need to get it to work and show up on my pages first.


11-13-2007, 10:22 PM
There are two external script files. The one you edit, the other one that does all the work. Both are required. Both are referenced in the head of the demo.htm and need to be in your finished page as well. You can put them anywhere you like, as long as the paths to them are correct on your page.

This stuff really is pretty basic, but I imagine that for anyone unfamiliar with paths and scripts, can seem a bit daunting. If you've never installed and configured a script before, this really isn't a good first choice, but one should be able to manage even if it is.

My advice would be to get the thing working locally then just upload it to the server. If the paths to the files are the same on the server as they were locally, no extra editing is required. If they are different, you can always use the absolute paths as they exist on the server.

If you can configure it and get it working locally and upload the files to the server, if you have a problem at that point, give us a link to the live page, we should be able to help you sort it out.

11-13-2007, 11:52 PM
thanks for the quick reply again!

I got it working finally, I uploaded the menuItems.js and the mmenue.js to the proper directory on my server.

Copy and pasted the demo code into the page.. and now it seems to be working. Didnt have to modify the demo page at all like I figured I would have to...

now its off to modifying it, which is the next challenge!

I will start tweaking the code now that its at least working.. IF i get stuck I will be back.