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11-11-2007, 10:53 PM
I get the following message:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING in /home/shevans/public_html/coffeefranchise/includes/config.php on line 33

What does this mean?

Thank you.

11-11-2007, 10:56 PM
It basically means you have a quote in the wrong place. It usually pops up if you have something like this:

echo 'This is a '.$var['test'].'.';

If you post your code, we can help you find what's wrong with it.

Hope this helps.

11-11-2007, 11:02 PM
Okay here goes:

// Website URL (without: http://) including the sub-folder if site is not installed in the root
// Sub-Folder example: www.yourdomain.com/sub-folder
define('SITE_URL', 'www.theinfovillage/coffeefranchise');

// Cookie Domain // MUST be: .yourdomain.com
define('COOKIE_DOMAIN', '.theinfovillage.com');

// Full domain URL // MUST be: http://www.yourdomain.com
// DO NOT include any sub-folder
define('DOMAIN_NAME', 'http://www.theinfovillage.com');

// Root of where the comments folder is located
// Does NOT need editing and can be lefted as is

// Snippet Rotator (Does not need editing!)
define('TOTAL_SNIPPETS', '4');

// Website header title
define('HEADER_TITLE', 'Coffee Franchise');

// Adsense Settings
// Adsense PUB-ID
// Example pub-1111111111111

// Adsense Channel for tracking
// Leave blank if you have not setup a channel
define('ADCHN', '');

// Amazon Settings
// If you do not have a amazon affiliate account
// you need to join here: http://affiliate-program.amazon.com/gp/associates/join
// you can still upload the site before joining amazon but you will receive an
// error on part of the page because you don't have a Associates ID.
// Amazon Associates ID
define('AMAZON', womearandbey-20'');
// Amazon Country - (.co.uk) or (.com)
define('AMAZON_COUNTRY', '.com');

// Menu Names
define('MENU_NAME', 'Menu');
define('MENU_ARTICLES', 'My Articles');

// URL Link Names
define('SITE_CONTACT', 'Contact Us');
define('SITE_MAP', 'Site Map');
define('SITE_LINKS', 'Friends');
define('SITE_BUY', 'Products');
define('SITE_HOME', 'Home');

// Video Wall ()if you want to add/change the feeds,
//and you add a keyword phrase. Make sure you replace
//any spaces with: %2B
define('SITE_VIDEO', 'Related Videos:');
define('SITE_VIDEOS', 'Coffee%2BFranchise');

// RSS Feeds ()if you want to add/change the feeds,
//and you add a keyword phrase. Make sure you replace
//any spaces with a plus sign: +
define('SITE_RSS', 'Related News:');
$SITE_FEEDS = 'Coffee+Franchise';

// Site Contact and Meta Tag Details
define('SITE_NAME', 'Coffee Franchise');
define('SITE_KEYWORDS', 'Coffee Franchiseir');
define('SITE_DESCRIPTION', 'Coffee Franchise');
define('SITE_HTTP', 'http://');

// Links Manager
// Links Manager Admin Password
define('ADMIN_PASS', 'admin');
// Admin Email // Only needed if NOTIFY_ADMIN=1
define('ADMIN_EMAIL', 'you@yourdomain.com');
// Send you an e-mail everytime someone adds a link? 1=YES, 0=NO
define('NOTIFY_ADMIN', '1');
// Maximum number of links
define('MAX_LINKS', '25');

// Translator (DO NOT EDIT)
define('TRANSLATOR_LINK', 'lang/');
define('FLAGS_DIR', 'flags/');
define('TIMEOUT', 60); // Every TIMEOUT seconds the page will be generated from scratch! (translated pages).

define('SITE_COPYRIGHT', '&copy; ' . date("Y") . '&nbsp;<a href="' . SITE_HTTP . '' . SITE_URL . '">' . SITE_NAME . '</a> - <a href="site.map.php">Site Map</a>');


Thank you.

11-11-2007, 11:10 PM
Just a few things I've seen:


needs to be:



define('AMAZON', womearandbey-20'');

needs to be this:

define('AMAZON', 'womearandbey-20');

Hope this helps.

11-11-2007, 11:50 PM
Thanks so much. I was able to get into admin area. Now I just get parent directory and not the site. Sorry I am new to the php mode. Can you please give me a clue as to how to get the site up?

Thank you so very much.