View Full Version : AnyLink - css and js

11-07-2007, 05:12 AM
1) Script Title: anylink.js

2) Script URL (on DD): Page: http://wichitasgateway.com/ocreef/
script: http://wichitasgateway.com/ocreef/anylink.js
cssie6: http://wichitasgateway.com/ocreef/anylink6.css
cssie7: http://wichitasgateway.com/ocreef/anylink7.css
cssSafari and Firefox: http://wichitasgateway.com/ocreef/anylink.css

3) Describe problem: I had to position it differently for each browser to get it in place, no problem there. That is why there are three separate css', in case you're wondering. In Safari and Firefox it is perfect. In IE6 and IE7 the drop downs go underneath the text in the content div that is under it. If I place the menu in the bottom of the html the drop downs are on top but positioning requires a huge negative number and each page will eventually be dynamically created and of a different length, so that isn't really practical.

Any suggestions help will be really appreciated, because I don't want to create the drop down in flash if I can avoid it.