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11-05-2007, 09:07 PM
1) Script Title: Chrome CSS Drop Down Menu

2) Script URL (on DD): Cssdropdown.startchrome(chromemenu)

3) Describe problem: I have been experimenting with this navigation bar. It works very well, Thanks. I would like the main bar larger or higher and each listed category on the main bar to have equal width. How can I accomplish this?

11-05-2007, 09:42 PM

please include the url of the script next time., not how you call it on the page.
to change the size of the font, you would edit the css file depending on which chrom menu u are using

width: 99%;
font-weight: bold;

edit that to include some padding and the bar itself will be larger. ( FYI the background image is 50px high )

if you wanted the text to be bigger.

.chromestyle ul li a{
color: #494949;
padding: 4px 7px;
margin: 0;
text-decoration: none;
border-right: 1px solid #DADADA;

add font-size:
to that style.

and for the same width of the dropdowns,

top: 0;
border: 1px solid #BBB; /*THEME CHANGE HERE*/
border-bottom-width: 0;
font:normal 12px Verdana;
background-color: white;
width: 200px;
visibility: hidden;
filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Shadow(color=#CACACA,direction=135,strength=4); /*Add Shadow in IE. Remove if desired*/

set the width of this class to whatever width you want the dropdowns to have.

<!--2nd drop down menu -->
<div id="dropmenu2" class="dropmenudiv" style="width: 150px;">

in the demo the red shows how to override the default with the inline style. this is something we do not want to do because the inline style will trump the linked style

11-05-2007, 10:09 PM
I appreciate it.