View Full Version : Content tab menu not working on Internet Explorer

11-05-2007, 06:01 PM
Hi, I am trying to implement one of the thousands perfect scripts kindly provided by dynamicdrive - thanx god I found you guys, which is not working on Internet Explorer. I have tried on Opera 9.24, Firefox 2.06 and it works flawless, but on Internet explorer when I click on any of the tabs, it does not show the text content of it, but brings me to the top of the page (like refresh). The way I see it, this is done because the div link is http://****.com/index.php# and it just reloads instead of runing the DHTML.

Any ideas what is wrong with my IE (version is 6.0 - the standard one on freshly installed WinXP SP2). It was working few days ago, but not anymore.
Even the page I used on DynamicDrive is not working with IE again ?!?

Thanks in advance to all guys that will help.