View Full Version : avoiding popup blocking

10-30-2007, 02:33 AM
how can i popup a window after the user closed his browser even if he got blocked his popups?:rolleyes:

10-30-2007, 03:37 AM
With javascript? You can't.

10-30-2007, 11:06 AM
than with what do i can?

10-30-2007, 11:10 AM
You can't. You could try, perhaps, a workaround with Flash, a Java applet or ActiveX, but I seriously doubt these methods would work in any usable sense as they could be deactivated and may be blocked anyway-- I'm guessing flash is blocked; Java applets require Java installed and might even be blocked from such behavior; ActiveX.... might be blocked, and it's IE only, of course.

Bottom line-- not going to happen. Popup blockers block popups for a reason. They're annoying.

If you need one for something your visitor won't object to, then they can allow your site as "trusted" and the popups won't be blocked any more.