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10-26-2007, 08:45 AM
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dhtmlWindow modal
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When the width of the content page (under the modal windows) is larger than the browser window, the mask (veil) under the dhtml window modal don't have then maximun width of the content page.
So if we use the bottom scrollbar , we can access to the content page.

I have mad a little modification to te script (modal.js) as (fisrt line 32):

this.docheightcomplete=(d.standardbody.offsetHeight>d.standardbody.scrollHeight)? d.standardbody.offsetHeight : d.standardbody.scrollHeight
this.docwidthcomplete=(d.standardbody.offsetWidth>d.standardbody.scrollWidth)? d.standardbody.offsetWidth : d.standardbody.scrollWidth
//this.interVeil.style.width=d.docwidth+"px" //set up veil over page
this.interVeil.style.width=this.docwidthcomplete+"px" //set up veil over page
this.interVeil.style.height=this.docheightcomplete+"px" //set up veil over page

thanks for your good script.


10-26-2007, 10:13 AM
Thanks for sharing. I'll have to test out your code the next time the script is updated to see if it should be included as part of any update.