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10-19-2007, 10:36 PM
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DD Tab Menu

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I'm not quite sure if this should be in here or in the CSS forum. Mods, please don't beat me with a stick, thank you.

Anyway, the navigation links (DD Tab Menu) will be located near the top of the page. I have the image of a side of a truck in the center of my page.
I'm just wondering if it's possible to get the info that DD Tab Menu displays underneath the navigation bar, to instead display on the side of the truck that's located in the center of my page.

Right now, when you hover over the DD Tab Menu links, DD Tab Menu displays information right below it's navigation bar.
What I would like it to do is,
I have a picture of the side of a truck in the middle of my website. When I hover over link1, instead of showing the info below the navigation bar, I'd like it to show up on the side of the truck. When I hover over link2, I'd also like it to show the info on the side of the truck that's located in the center of my page, and so on.

I'd just like the information that DD tab Menu displays, to be displayed at another location on my page even though the DD Tab Menu navigation bar will be located near the top of my page.

Or if anyone knows a script that would do that, I'd go that route as well. I just like this one because you can hover over the links and they will switch displays, instead of having to click them.
Plus, I don't know of a way to have iframes or similar do what I'm wanting to do, so this script is perfect.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Nevermind - figured it out.
I moved the containers where I wanted the content displayed and with a little fine-tuning of the placement thanks to CSS... I now have the content showing up right where I was hoping it would.

Happy now.
Thanks for a great script, Dynamic Drive!