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10-04-2007, 12:19 AM
I know that this post is similar to others, and I've looked through them. I'm new to javascript coding; really not familiar with it at all. I'm working on a project for one of my highschool classes, and I just used some software to create a dhtml/javascript menu. The problem is that I want the links to open within an iframe.
The script for this menu is ridiculously long, and I've looked through it trying to find an indication of where I could set a target for the links, but I haven't been successful in doing so.
I've linked to the script from my index page as to keep the html somewhat tidy, and just used a span to position it.

I had to attach the js file, cause it was too long to paste here.1324I want to target the links to an iframe called content.

Thanks all.

Erm, so a few views, but no comments at all. Perhaps because i have the file attached like that. *shrugs* It's too long to paste here. Well, here's the code for the menu's layout; not the function:

function Go(){return}

Menu1=new Array("Home","./index.htm","",0,20,84);

Menu2=new Array("About","","",3,0,84);
Menu2_1=new Array("The Project","./about/project.htm","",0,20,84);
Menu2_2=new Array("The Utilities","./about/utility.htm","",0,20,84);
Menu2_3=new Array("The Creator","./about/creator.htm","",0,20,84);

Menu3=new Array("Photography","./photo/index.htm","",1,0,86);
Menu3_1=new Array("Albums","","",2,20,84);
Menu3_1_1=new Array("Québec","./photo/quebec.htm","",0,20,84);
Menu3_1_2=new Array("Randoms","./photo/random.htm","",0,20,84);

Menu4=new Array("Contact","./contact.htm","",0,0,84);

var NoOffFirstLineMenus=4; // Number of first level items
var LowBgColor='8F8769'; // Background color when mouse is not over
var LowSubBgColor='8F8769'; // Background color when mouse is not over on subs
var HighBgColor='AAA48A'; // Background color when mouse is over
var HighSubBgColor='AAA48A'; // Background color when mouse is over on subs
var FontLowColor='FFFFFF'; // Font color when mouse is not over
var FontSubLowColor='FFFFFF'; // Font color subs when mouse is not over
var FontHighColor='40156A'; // Font color when mouse is over
var FontSubHighColor='40156A'; // Font color subs when mouse is over
var BorderColor='000000'; // Border color
var BorderSubColor='000000'; // Border color for subs
var BorderWidth=1; // Border width
var BorderBtwnElmnts=1; // Border between elements 1 or 0
var FontFamily="Tahoma, Verdana, Arial" // Font family menu items
var FontSize=10; // Font size menu items
var FontBold=0; // Bold menu items 1 or 0
var FontItalic=0; // Italic menu items 1 or 0
var MenuTextCentered='left'; // Item text position 'left', 'center' or 'right'
var MenuCentered='left'; // Menu horizontal position 'left', 'center' or 'right'
var MenuVerticalCentered='top'; // Menu vertical position 'top', 'middle','bottom' or static
var ChildOverlap=.2; // horizontal overlap child/ parent
var ChildVerticalOverlap=.2; // vertical overlap child/ parent
var StartTop=1; // Menu offset x coordinate
var StartLeft=1; // Menu offset y coordinate
var VerCorrect=0; // Multiple frames y correction
var HorCorrect=0; // Multiple frames x correction
var LeftPaddng=3; // Left padding
var TopPaddng=2; // Top padding
var FirstLineHorizontal=1; // SET TO 1 FOR HORIZONTAL MENU, 0 FOR VERTICAL
var MenuFramesVertical=1; // Frames in cols or rows 1 or 0
var DissapearDelay=1000; // delay before menu folds in
var TakeOverBgColor=1; // Menu frame takes over background color subitem

var FirstLineFrame='navig'; // Frame where first level appears
var SecLineFrame='space'; // Frame where sub levels appear
var DocTargetFrame='space'; // Frame where target documents appear
var TargetLoc='pos1'; // span id for relative positioning
var HideTop=0; // Hide first level when loading new document 1 or 0
var MenuWrap=1; // enables/ disables menu wrap 1 or 0
var RightToLeft=0; // enables/ disables right to left unfold 1 or 0
var UnfoldsOnClick=0; // Level 1 unfolds onclick/ onmouseover
var WebMasterCheck=0; // menu tree checking on or off 1 or 0
var ShowArrow=1; // Uses arrow gifs when 1
var KeepHilite=1; // Keep selected path highligthed
var Arrws=['tri.gif',5,10,'tridown.gif',10,5,'trileft.gif',5,10]; // Arrow source, width and height

I was thinking that it might be related to this line
var DocTargetFrame='space';
but when I change space to, content, then the menu doesn't appear at all.

Turns out that all i had to do was include

javascript:window.open('page source','frame id');
in the link.

10-06-2007, 07:51 AM
<iframe id='content' name='content' ...></iframe>

link1.setAttribute('target', 'content');

Thats all! :)

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