View Full Version : Javascript .wav mouseover compatible with Firefox?

09-28-2007, 08:49 PM
I was working with an audio code that works well in InternetExplorer, however it doesn't work at all in Firefox. I need a code that will work with both browsers. If anyone can find one for me, I would be greatful. I posted a similar post earlier... here are other things I am looking for...


Stop activity from a previous rollover by hovering over another?


I have a code of an image that will play a .wav file when you hover over it. I would like the file to keep playing even while your mouse is not hovering over it until you decide to hover over another one.

Here is my code:
<a href="bigpic.jpg" ONMOUSEOVER="OnImage('pic1');javascript:jsPlay('thewav');return true;" ONMOUSEOUT="OffImage('pic1');javascript:jsStop('thewav');return true;"><img src="thumbnail.jpg" name="pic1" border="0" id="pic1"></a>